Who is the player.. in your dating life?

The constant Swipping/Matching and maybe dating in real life can be exhausting. But did you know that even though you want to settle down and fall in love… you secretly might be addicted and lost in your search?

Ask yourself: how many…

Picture perfect.. the art of dating profile pictures

The art of dating profile photos isn’t hard to master, and yet so many people get it wrong. So how to make sure you sell yourself as best you can.

It has never been easier to have photos of yourself, both candid…

When starting a new relationship things are exciting new and perfect all around. However, old fears could creep up and insecurities can take over once you start to develop feelings.

It’s always a good idea to acknowledge these fears and maybe even talk to a close friend or family members…

Iris Jones | Love Psychic UK

Iris Jones is a psychic who uses playing cards to answer and predict peoples love life forutnes

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