Who is the player.. in your dating life?

The constant Swipping/Matching and maybe dating in real life can be exhausting. But did you know that even though you want to settle down and fall in love… you secretly might be addicted and lost in your search?

Ask yourself: how many times a day am I swipping or looking at my app? How many people are you talking too, where are the conversations going? Are you counting your Matches and secretly waiting for more? Or worse still looking for a better candidate?

This might seem like harmless fun, but your intent is being disturbed and you get greedy and frustrated.

Try to talk to 1 person at the time. Don’t swipe as much… and stop swipping when you chat with a person you have interest in. You might get a fear of missing out but that is called addiction to the system. If you keep going like that you will NEVER be satisfied with a person as you will always be looking for something better………..